60 Hoodia Capsules

HoodiaHoodia has been for many years in the past used by the Kalahari dwellers as a hunger suppressant during the long periods of food shortages. Nowadays hoodia is used as an appetite suppr..

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Ashwagandha root 60 capsules

Benefits It combats impotence. It helps with Male fertility and libido It re It regulates blood circulation, sugar and strengthen the immune system. It supports healthy cortisol. It helps the ..

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Bladderwrack ( Capsules) 60 capsules

Bladderwrackbenefits1. Relieves rheumatism (any disease marked by inflammation and joints pain, muscles or fibrous tissue, especially rheumatoid arthritis).2. Restores depleted minerals.3. Stimulates ..

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Blue Vervain Capsule

Ingredients:Blue Vervain Benefits:Soothes the nervous system.Eases chest congestion.Calms stress and anxiety.Promotes good sleep.Support digestive system.,liver and Kidneys.Used as a diuretic.Dos..

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Bromide plus powder capsules(Irish moss + bladderwrack) 60 capsules

Bromide plus powder is a mixture of Irish moss and bladderwrack. This combination will revitalize, alkalize, detox and nourish your immune system. It also cleanses the colon, has high plant based iodi..

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Burdock root (Capsules) 60 capsules

Burdock rootBenefits1. Blood purifier.2. It helps with internal infections or problems in the body that are due to the buildup of toxins.3. It helps improve the condition of skin infections (wounds, e..

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Cleansing package (Seamoss, bladderwrack, Sarsaparilla, Burdock, Elderberry)

Detox, alkalize and revitalize the bodyThe package is composed of Sea Moss capsules, Bladderwrack capsules, burdock root capsules,Elderberry capsules and Sarsaparilla capsules. These may be taken..

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Colon Cleanse 4 capsules

BenefitsRemoves old fecal plaque. Dosage2 Capsules and a glass of hot/Warm water, Drink a cup of warm water in every 1  hours' intervalThe cleanse is only done once a month whenever there is..

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Elderberry (Capsules) 60 capsules

Elderberriesbenefits1. Treat colds and influenza.2. Helps with catarrhal (mucous membrane in the airways) inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.3. Hay fever and sinusitis.4. Sore throat, anemia,..

R120.00 Ex Tax: R120.00
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