Burdock root (Capsules) 60 capsules

Burdock root (Capsules) 60 capsules

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Burdock root


1. Blood purifier.
2. It helps with internal infections or problems in the body that are due to the buildup of toxins.
3. It helps improve the condition of skin infections (wounds, eczema, mouth ulcers, and recurrent boils).
4. Helps with abscesses (A swollen area within body tissue, containing an accumulation of pus)
5. Aid in digestion and appetite.
6. Aid in rheumatism (any disease marked by inflammation and joints pain, muscles or fibrous tissue, especially rheumatoid arthritis).
7. Relieves excessive flatulence (the accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal).
8. Helps with dandruff, scaly and dry skin.



1 Capsule twice a day.

Drink a lot of water,not less than 1litre a day

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