Hydrangea root 60 capsules

Benefits It helps alleviate kidney stones.Prevents further formation of kidney stones.It helps with inflammation and enlarged prostate glands.Also helps with Hypertension.Cleans the lymphatic sys..

R110.00 Ex Tax: R110.00

Irish Moss (60 Wild Crafted SeaMoss Capsule)

Multi essential minerals, Sea moss is a cell proliferator, meaning it helps regenerate, multiply, rebuild and repair damaged cells from one's body. Amongst the 92 of 102 minerals that make up the huma..

R140.00 Ex Tax: R140.00

Sarsaparilla (Capsules) 60 capsules

Sarsaparilla rootbenefits1. Blood purifier.2. It contains a high concentration of plant-based iron.3. Treatment for skin issues and anemia.4. Liver cleanser.5. Helps with rheumatoid arthritis6. Helps ..

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Soursop leaves (30 capsules)

Benefits -Immunity boost -Insomia(sleeplessness) -Cancer treatment -Healthy skin and hair -Oesteopotorosis and Rheumatoid arthritis -Blood disorders -Ulcers -hypertension treatment -Di..

R100.00 Ex Tax: R100.00
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